Brother, I knew two men growing up and one was smooth and had seven white women at one time in life and he was living high on the hog and he drove expensive automobiles and lived as a King. He did whatever he wanted and had it his way in his youth but once he got older, he out lived his game, his conversation got tested more often to back it up and out lived his money and pawned his cars and clothes and died angry and alone, a hater.


Then there was another guy who was not as smooth but was cold in thinking and very clever and quick witted and had the heart to back it up and that guy became famous for being so cold, his stories were legendary and if y’all couldn’t tell this guys women stayed because he always had another level of coldness for his crew and his game became strong once his money was extremely long and he got rich and still has money today because he knew one thing that nobody else ever told me and it changed my life.


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I learned a lot from both of these old players and more guys just like them but the one thing, that one secret is what changed everything in my life.


Early on I wasn’t cold enough so I got no respect and then I started to do one thing differently and my whole life changed. 


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The boss Hogg macaroni/ Kevin Derrick Gentry 



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